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April 26

Probal Lala provides an industry expert view of the “Evil Twin” Risk

April 26, 2005 – TORONTO - Mr. Lala, President and CEO of AirRoamer Inc, was interviewed by Rob Graham on CNW and Canada's Business Report Monday April 25, 2005. The Evil Twin is a fake wireless hotspot that looks very similar to a real hotspot that you would typically trust. The fake hotspot attempts to trick you into giving personal information that can then be used for identity theft

Recently, there has been a new version of the Evil Twin targeting commercial wireless hotspots. With Wireless, an Evil Twin can be set up using only a notebook computer that will present a network ID and login page that looks like the commercial hotspot you are expecting. Mr Lala pointed out that there are over 22,000 commercial hotspots in North America, and this is expected to grow by a factor of 3 over the next 3 years.

What can people do? AirRoamer’s Courtesy Access allows businesses to increase the safety for their guests, as well as protecting their business information and reputation. Users of commercial hotspots can take a couple of steps – they should always be careful about providing personal information, especially when using a wireless connection. When users are providing personal info “They should make sure there is a secure lock at the bottom of the browser that they click on to make sure that the name of the institution is the one they want” says Mr. Lala. “Ultimately mutual authentication will provide a secret handshake to allow an end user to know who they are connecting with” says Mr Lala.

To hear the full interview, please click here. This is an MP3 formatted file.

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