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AirRoamer named one of Canada’s top tech companies by Branham Group
April 4

Guests feel welcome when corporations offer easy, safe WiFi access

TORONTO, ON (April 4, 2005) – Rolling out the welcome mat to your company’s guests used to be as easy as providing telephones, snacks and beverages. That’s no longer enough. In fact, safe and easy access to the Internet is now what sets a company apart from its competition, according to AirRoamer Inc. CEO Probal Lala.

Easy access to the Internet is now crucial, but safety is top-of-mind to professionals using notebooks in unfamiliar environments, Mr. Lala explained. They need to know their information is safe from hackers. Corporations enjoy offering a free link to the Internet, but demand the same assurances.

AirRoamer Inc. offers protected WiFi access to corporations and their guests. With its patent-pending identity management system, AirRoamer provides an automatic, secure, traceable and easy-to-use connection to the Internet. 

AirRoamer Inc., launched in 2003, uses a unique method of providing passwords and identifying WiFi users through cell phones. This allows Internet access to be traced to its point of origin and allows businesses to connect with more customers.

Law firms, accountants, consultancy companies and the hospitality industry are embracing WiFi to attract new customers, improve meeting productivity and increase loyalty.

AirRoamer Inc. was recently named as one of the Top 25 Canadian IT Up and Comers in the 2005 edition of the Branham300. This publication lists Canada’s leading technology companies.

The AirRoamer Advisory Board includes: David Southwell, former Group President, Operations, Bell Canada; Alex Giosa, President and CEO, Lucent Technologies Canada; William Ostrander, former Partner, Gowlings LLP; and, Jocelyne Côtě-O’Hara, President, The Cora Group.


For an advance preview – offered in a telephone interview - of the April 9 presentation on Guest Access to the Canadian Telecommunications Consulting Association by AirRoamer CEO Probal Lala, please contact Teresa Donia at iAMBIC COMMUNICATIONS, 905-508-5550, or

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