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April 8

AirRoamer provides wireless industry insight on ROB-Tv Squeezeplay

April 8, 2005 - TORONTO – Today Probal Lala, President and CEO at AirRoamer Inc., provided a wireless industry expert view on recent concerns about the “Evil Twin” security risk. The Evil Twin is a fake web site that looks very similar to a real web site that you would typically trust, such as your bank or service provider. As Lala explained “This is all about recognizing what networks you are logged on to”. Lala recommended users first ensure that they are connected securely. This is indicated by a closed lock or solid key icon in the bottom border of your browser window. What if you wanted to be sure you were communicating with your bank for example? “The minute you get onto your bank website and you see the little lock on the bottom of your browser, double click on that lock and a certificate will come up and it should identify the authority that issued the certificate and it should belong to your bank.” said Lala.

Anonymous hackers have become the biggest issue with respect to wireless networks. This is aggravated by the fact that “Radio waves don’t respect the boundaries of ceilings, floors and doors” says Lala. This means that a hacker could be parked outside your business using your network to do bad things. There are solutions that can provide additional security. One step is to use what is referred to as 2 factor authentication – that means to log in you must have a password, but also a unique object or device that you physically possess. This makes it much harder to steal your identity.

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