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Complement your product sales by offering your valued customers AirRoamer Courtesy Access

Become a AirRoamer Dealer and enable your customers to safely and easily provide Wi-Fi Internet access to their business guests. By improving your customer's corporate security and overall productivity, AirRoamer Dealers realize an entirely new and ongoing revenue stream. Customers quickly become clients as equipment sales are complemented by Managed Services to create a complete solution. Generate monthly revenue indefinitely and elevate your customer relationships today. It is easy to do and even easier to sell.

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AirRoamer named one of Canada’s top tech companies by Branham Group

AirRoamer provides comprehensive support to our Dealers including

  • Technical Training
  • Standard Equipment Configurations from leading equipment suppliers
  • Free Courtesy Access service for dealer locations to enhance familiarity and enable sales demonstration of Courtesy Access
  • Sales Training to ensure that sales staff are comfortable selling the product
  • Simple tools and collateral to help Sales and Technical Personnel close deals
  • Ongoing sales support
  • 7/24 multilingual Help Desk for Dealers, Customers and End Users

If you are already a Dealer, login to our password-protected Channel Partner site. We provide a wide variety of resources to help you succeed.

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