AirRoamer offers authentic, instantly available, and accepted guest Internet access solution.

AirRoamer’s innovative identity management technology provides the only traceable and authenticated guest identities when providing access to the Internet. AirRoamer controls guests' access to your resources and isolates the guest from your corporate LAN. Also...AirRoamer reduces the risk of unauthorized access and attack.

A simple and effortless Web-based login process enables visitors to connect within a matter of seconds by simply entering their mobile phone number and a unique, SMS-delivered password. Guests request a password and login directly without any effort on the part of the business. No additional equipment configuration or system downloads are required. AirRoamer eliminates any requirement for internal administrative or IT resources to become involved in facilitating access.

AirRoamer Courtesy Access has been deployed with customers in Canada and the U.S. and has proven to be a safe, reliable, and effective means of providing guest Internet access. AirRoamer fulfills all requirements for an enterprise wanting to provide complimentary guest Internet access.

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