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Feb 17

Unprotected Wireless Internet allows strangers to tap into companies’ assets

TORONTO, ON (February 17, 2005) – Diligently guarding a company’s security is now as common as the cards we swipe to get into an office, building or bank. Yet, vulnerability exists for corporations adopting insecure Wireless Internet (WiFi) connections.

“Unprotected WiFi can facilitate illegal acts on a company’s assets. Similar to an unlocked door, it leaves data and resources open to theft. It also allows WiFi hijackers the chance to anonymously distribute viruses, download illegal material and launch SPAM, making it appear to have come from the owner of the connection,” says Probal Lala, CEO, AirRoamer Inc.

With AirRoamer Inc. and its fully protected WiFi offering, security is assured. Utilizing patent-pending technology, AirRoamer unites North America’s ubiquitous cell phone and laptop, resulting in safe and easy-access wireless Internet.

“AirRoamer makes it easy and safe for businesses to provide free Internet access to their guests,” said AirRoamer CEO Probal Lala. The company uses a unique method of providing passwords and identifying users through cell phones, so access can always be traced to its point of origin.

With sales of notebooks soaring – there will be more than 50 million notebook computers in use, in North America, by the end of 2005 – there is tremendous opportunity for businesses to attract new customers, improve meeting productivity and increase loyalty by appealing to notebook users. There are currently 750,000 WiFi networks in private enterprise in North America, but most are inaccessible to almost all notebook users. 

“Problems due to security will only grow – not go away – as WiFi enabled companies increase to beyond 1 million by the end of this year,” Mr. Lala explained.

“Would you have your telephone outside your business for anyone to use?” he asked. That’s what insecure WiFi can be compared to, he noted. In fact, companies can potentially be held liable for the actions of unauthorized users.

AirRoamer services include: Courtesy Access, offering automatic and secure Internet access to a company’s visitors; Location Management service providing on-site equipment support; and Premium User Support service, designed for the hospitality industry, assisting with visitor equipment settings and use.

AirRoamer Inc., ( is a privately held firm with offices in Ottawa and Toronto. Its Advisory Board includes: David Southwell, former Group President, Operations, Bell Canada; Alex Giosa, President and CEO, Lucent Technologies Canada; William Ostrander, Partner, Gowlings LLP; and, Jocelyne Côtě-O’Hara, President, The Cora Group.

Probal Lala is an experienced operations and technology executive with a background as a senior executive in Canada’s largest telephone company.


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