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AirRoamer named one of Canada’s top tech companies by Branham Group
March 17

AirRoamer named one of Canada’s top tech companies by Branham Group

TORONTO, ON (March 17, 2005) – AirRoamer Inc. is one of Canada’s Top 25 Up and Coming tech companies, according to the prestigious IT monitoring firm the Branham Group.

AirRoamer Inc. offers protected WiFi access to corporations and their guests. Utilizing their patent-pending identity management system, AirRoamer provides an automatic, secure, traceable and easy-to-use connection to the Internet. The company was named yesterday as one of the Top 25 Canadian IT Up and Comers in the 2005 edition of the Branham300 listing of Canada’s leading technology companies.

“We’re extremely honoured to be recognized by Branham as being part of a very select group of companies that may become part of Canada’s IT elite,” said Probal Lala, CEO AirRoamer Inc.

The Branham Group has, for the past 12 years, highlighted Canada’s top tech companies in its annual list. It is known as a comprehensive indicator of the health of the Canadian IT sector. The Branham300 is the most comprehensive source of information on the top 250 Canadian, top 25 multinational and 25 Up and Coming IT companies in Canada.

Companies named to Branham’s 25 Up and Comers list must be less than three years old, provide outstanding products and services and show growth. 

AirRoamer Inc., launched in 2003, uses a unique method of providing passwords and identifying WiFi users through cell phones. This allows Internet access to be traced to its point of origin and allows businesses to connect with more customers.

With notebook sales soaring there will be more than 50 million laptop computers in use, in North America, by the end of 2005. Businesses including law firms, accountants and consultancy companies, as well as the hospitality industry, can attract new customers, improve meeting productivity and increase loyalty by appealing to notebook users. There will be one million WiFi networks in private enterprise in North America by the end of 2005, but most are inaccessible to almost all notebook users. 

AirRoamer Inc., ( is a privately held firm with offices in Ottawa and Toronto. Its Advisory Board includes: David Southwell, former Group President, Operations, Bell Canada; Alex Giosa, President and CEO, Lucent Technologies Canada; William Ostrander, former Partner, Gowlings LLP; and, Jocelyne Côtě-O’Hara, President, The Cora Group.

For further information, or to interview AirRoamer CEO Probal Lala, contact Teresa Donia at iAMBIC COMMUNICATIONS, 905-508-5550, or

Branham Group Inc. is a leading international "Go-to-Market" consulting firm with a proven formula for helping information technology companies achieve market success. Branham conducts work in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Canada. Branham assists companies in the three critical areas to improve business performance - Planning, Marketing and Partnering. Branham also conducts specific multi-client studies on specific ICT industry issues.

For further information on the Branham300 please contact Adnan Rahman at the Branham Group Inc., (613) 745-2282, Ext 122, or

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