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AirRoamer named one of Canada’s top tech companies by Branham Group
Oct 6

AirRoamer and FirstComm provide complementary Wi-Fi internet access at GTEC conference in Ottawa.

October 6, 2005

At the GTEC WEEK (October 3 - 7, 2005) visitors and exhibitors are able to access the internet for surfing, email or to VPN back to their office at no cost courtesy of FirstComm Wireless and AirRoamer Inc.

AirRoamer Courtesy Access allows businesses and government organizations to safely provide a convenient internet access capability for their guests and customers. A key benefit is that the business or organization does not have to do any of the work associated with providing and managing access for their guests. Its painless. The business receives the credit for providing access in the eyes of their customers through a customized user interface, featuring their business name and logo. 


Providing free internet access to your guests will have direct benefits in terms if increased customers and revenue (for businesses) and increased productivity and improved relationships (for government organizations).

Courtesy Access is sold through certified dealers such as FirstComm Wireless. AirRoamer Dealers can provide an optimized solution that allows the business to safely share the cost of internet access and network equipment between their guests and internal users and applications.

For more information about FirstComm Wireless, please contact…..

FirstComm Wireless
Office: (613) 724-1177 ext 7430
Fax: (613) 761-8633

For more information about AirRoamer Inc., please contact.....

John Campbell
Vice President, Marketing
AirRoamer Inc.
Suite 354
157 Adelaide Street, West
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 4E7
Office: (613) 722-5902
FAX:  (613) 722-5902

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